Michael invariably diagnoses my swing problems in minutes and gets to work devising my "get well" plan. He reinvented my swing after major back surgery.

David G.
Rancho Bernardo

Michael is head and shoulders above the rest. He has improved my game where others have made me only more frustrated. Frustrated to the point where the game was not fun and enjoyable. His strategy is very systematic and personalized for your needs. He reinforces your strengths and works with you to improve your challenges. I recommend Michael to anyone that has a passion for the game and wants to take their game to the next level.

Bob R.
Leucadia, CA

Michael is an exceptionally good instructor AND coach; and the skills required for those two roles are differnt. He has 'em both! He has been very adept at using his technology to improve my game. I've taken many lessons from many instructors over the years, and Michael Stocking is the very best -- seriously.

Richard Ross
Encinitas, CA

Mike is great at pinpointing your swing problems and giving you the right corrections. He doesn't overwhelm you with fixes, just the few that make all the difference in the world. He is amazing! Thanks Mike.

Michael S.

Michael quickly identified what I need to do to hit consistently better golf shots, and he provided me with some excellent drills to help me practice. I'm already looking forward to my next lesson.

Leo B.

I did end up playing on Saturday and it was great. I shot my best round ever!!! I was crushing the ball, making clean contact. I was hitting my 7 irons 175 yards. My 8 irons would go 160. I had to make some re calibrations because I was hitting the ball way over the green. It was a blast.

Encinitas, CA

I am a woman, 70 years old and so glad I am taking lessons from Michael. I have played golf off and on for years and never attained much competence. I was uncomfortable at the prospect of taking lessons, but I read the testimonials and have found that everything said is true. Michael is a very good listener and an excellent teacher. He made me feel comfortable in the first few minutes of my first lesson and was very positive. The videos are great and are truly helpful. My swing has really improved. Now, I like coming to the driving range, I know just what to practice and I am having fun on the golf course. I look forward to playing for many years. I am even playing with my husband! Thank you, Michael.

Sandy S.
Encinitas, Ca

I killed it yesterday! Driving the ball on avg. 290. I was so accurate I almost drove the green on 7! Thanks Michael!

Mark C.
Encinitas, CA

Thanks for the upload - this was the best lesson I have ever had, really!

Jim S.
Encinitas, CA

I've had 5 lessons with Michael over the last year. He took me from shanking (I can even say the word now!) and about to quit the game to consistently hitting in the low 80's. Goal is to break 80 and keep it there! Michael, thanks for your help and guidance!

Tim N.
Mira Mesa, CA

I was closing the club face and striking the ball solid in one session. Looking forward to what happens next. Thanks Michael!

Roland T

Michael I hit my driver yesterday as well as I have in years. Not one slice and much better distance. Tried getting in the slot on every shot and did hit some fat but shot a respectable 87. Thank you so much for your help!

Rob C.

Listening to Michael Stocking is the best thing that has ever happened to my golf swing! After you have tried the best, try the BEST! The combination of his observations along with the online video postings of my latest lesson, allow me to improve quickly and love the game again! Thank you MJS!

Michael Drennan
Carlsbad, CA

Michael knows his golf. With use of video, his explanations are very clear. Never talks down to you. I never felt that he was teaching a course. He listened, watched and commented on my swing and my golf game. Now to apply what he has taught me.

Robert V.
Middletown, NY

My nine-year old son and I are half way through our six 1-hr lesson series and are seeing notable improvement in our games. Michael\'s clear and insightful instruction breaks down the complexities of golf to concepts we understand and can apply. Looking back at our lessons via the video clips and audio reminders helps us remember what we learned. I\'ve also found and watched helpful instructional videos in chipping and making sound driver contact on Michael\'s web page. We are looking forward to our next lessons! Thanks much!

Rob S.
Carlsbad, CA

I can't get over how much I have learned about the golf swing. Each of the 5 individual lessons built on one another to give me confidence that I can indeed improve my swing and thus my game. The video clips you make available online are a great help with my practice and I review them before going to the range or out to the course to play. Thanks again and I look forward to letting you know how my game improves as I master your instructions. 70 years old and still learning.

Mike C.
Solana Beach, CA

Best 30 minutes I've ever spent on the range, anytime, anywhere. In the first five minutes Michael identified the basic flaw in my swing, showed my why the problem existed, and gave me a fix. Plan to work on that fix and can't wait for the next lesson. Can't recommend MJS highly enough.

Dave W.
Murrieta, CA

I have tried many different golf instructors. Michael is the best! He has a very no-nonsense approach, and does not complicate things by telling you 50 swing problems you need to fix. He is obviously very knowledgeable, but more importantly, he has thought about underlying fundamentals that lead to poor golf symptons, and he had me focus on addressing the fundamentals. Too many other instructors tend to focus on fixing the symptons, and never really get to the main issue. I am a huge fan because he has actually taken my existing swing and showed me how to tweak it, rather than breaking me down so I can\'t play golf for the next 6 months (has anyone ever taken a lesson and had that experience??) I highly recommend Michael!

Michael D.

I have been playing golf for over 40 years. In that time I have worked very hard on my game. Resulting, at my best, in a handicap of .5 I have had very few lessons in my life and always struggled with the thought of going to an instructor who really has no business instructing. Where do, or should, low handicap players go when trying to improve. I believe I found the answer. Now I\'ve only taken two (2) lessons from Michael so far, but the results have been remarkable. I would highly recommend anyone beginning and especially low handicappers, trying to improve, to contact Michael and schedule a lesson(s) with him. If your results are half as good as mine have been so far I am confident that you will be excited about the future of your game.

Randahl H.
Cardiff, CA